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Mid-Summer Reflections

Hey, everyone! We have all had a great, restful week, and are so excited to be back at Camp! We are just about halfway through the summer, and some of the counselors that are here all summer had a few words to share about their experience so far!

  • The crew is very cool and very united, I feel loved and supported all the time. Working at camp is tiring but full of joy and it is amazing to see how camp changes more and more people’s lives throughout the summer.
  • Humility is something difficult to handle sometimes, but camp has allowed me to grow in that area of my life. From the lessons to the cabin conversations, I have seen God shine through camp this year and help me grow in my humility.
  • Summer so far has been a blast! Getting to know so many new people and having my own pseudo cabin as the Drama King is so fun. Getting to counsel more than a specific group of kids, and we all share that same interest in theatre.
  • My Summer has been very fun for me. We have great staff and they are very good at their jobs. It's also been eye opening, and has revealed things that I need to work on with my character.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be out here this summer, and we can’t wait for the next four weeks and what they will bring!

That’s all for us, friends, see you next week. :)

Much Love,

Some Very Happy Counselors <3

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