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WITH - Our Summer Theme 2024

We at Camp Swamp are excited to announce our theme for the summer: WITH. The story of God’s rescue of the Israelites in Exodus is one of the earliest stories our kids learn in Sunday School class but our familiarity with it often robs us from recognizing the power of the story and the truths about God. We will study the unlikely heroes in chapters 1 and 2, God’s patience with Moses in chapters 3 and 4, God’s challenge of the polytheistic worldview of Egypt in chapters 7 through 11, God’s unforgettable deliverance in chapters 11 and 12, and the God’s unexpected rescue in chapters 13 and 14.

Throughout the week, we will remind campers of God’s faithful presence in our lives today, even when we can’t see it as clearly as a burning bush or a pillar of fire. With the backdrop of the story of Moses describing some intense circumstances, we will guide our older campers in wrestling with the problem of suffering and setting our minds on how God calls us to understand His presence with us in it. We will meditate on the poems of the Psalms and the prophet Isaiah, with beautiful language describing God WITH us in all circumstances, especially when we are feeling totally alone, overwhelmed, afraid or misunderstood. And we have, through Jesus, Emmanuel (God with us), the promise of Matthew 18:20 – “I am with you always, to the very end of the age”- and the gift of the Counselor.

We will send follow up material so that the conversation can continue in your home after camp, whether through family devotionals, personal Bible studies or great talks about spiritual truths. We value our partnership with the local church and families as we inspire faith and impart conviction in the next generation. 

Photos above and below from Week 2 Summer 2023 Cabin LipSync.


We have summer camp for 6 weeks this beginning right after Family Camp.

Week 1: June 2-8
Week 2: Jun 9-15
Week 3: June 16-22
Week 4: June 23-29
Week 5: June 20-July 6
Week 6: July 7-July 13

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Rachele Gibson, along with her husband Steve Gibson, are Camp Directors at Camp Swamp.

Family Camp 5/29-6/1
Summer Camp Week 1-6
Shining Stars 7/14-7/20
Adult Camp 7/25-7/28
Mother-Daughter 8/23-8/25

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