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Swamp Mission

A Little Slice of Heaven: Partnering with God to create a safe, spiritual space for belonging and learning through play, connection, community & wonder.

Loneliness has become an epidemic within our culture. When surveyed, 71% of Gen Z said they often or sometimes feel lonely. While the younger generation is often digitally connected and surrounded by people, they can struggle with meaningful relational connection. Camp Swamp has always focused on belonging, connection, and community in real life. The safe space at Camp fosters relationships during the camp week and beyond.

Ava McClary, one of our head girl counselors this summer, shared her story with us recently:

“For me, Camp Swamp is a place where I feel most safe to be my truest self. I don’t have to worry about being judged, but I can just let go, have fun and step into who God has made me to be without worrying what anyone thinks. It’s also a place where you can build the deepest friendships in such a short amount of time, that will last a lifetime.”

Photo above and below are from 2022 Summer Camp Week 2. Top photo (L to R): Brianna, Ava & Julia

Our youth need a safe space where they can experience connection and belonging, where they can be known, accepted, and valued. Camp Swamp provides an immersive experience for healthy embodied community based in kingdom values. We encourage you to include a week (or two) of summer camp into the rhythms of your family life, to provide your child or grandchild the opportunity to build their community and their connections in real life.

This is CONNECTION at Camp Swamp...

Summer Camp

We have summer camp for 6 weeks this beginning right after Family Camp.

Week 1: June 2-8
Week 2: Jun 9-15
Week 3: June 16-22
Week 4: June 23-29
Week 5: June 20-July 6
Week 6: July 7-July 13

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Rachele Gibson, along with her husband Steve Gibson, are Camp Directors at Camp Swamp.

Family Camp 5/29-6/1
Summer Camp Week 1-6
Shining Stars 7/14-7/20
Adult Camp 7/25-7/28
Mother-Daughter 8/23-8/25

Check out volunteer opportunities during any one of these events by clicking here.

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