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Why a Daughter Needs Her Dad

Why a Daughter Needs Her Dad

Hello Swamp Bloggers!

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you are having a magnificent start to your week. The past few weeks I have been posting reminders at the top of the blog about registering for retreats. Well, there is only one retreat left before summer camp and it is a very special one that can't take place without your participation.

The Daddy Daughter Retreat is going to take place at the Swamp from April 26-28, and we want YOU to come! It is currently $85 per daughter and $85 per dad with a $35 discount for each additional person. However, that price is going to increase after April 15 to $110. So, stop where you're at, and head to our Retreat Page to check this event out.

Why should you come? I'm glad you asked! There are going to be many father daughter bonding opportunities, including a daddy daughter dance, campfire S'mores, laser tag, and crafts. There will also be a special class for dads and daughters, and all girls will be housed in the girls cabins with counselors to watch over them at night.

Silly pictures at Daddy Daughter photo booth 2017.

Also, we need your participation to keep from canceling this wonderful event. If we have too low of a registration number, Camp Swamp will be unable to host this event. How can you help? Consider taking a weekend to relax and bond with us. And, if you have already registered, please share this post along with other related social media posts, so that we can get enough people registered to continue with the event.

Dads, do you wonder what your daughter will say after the retreat? When asked what her favorite part of the Daddy Daughter Retreat has been in the past, Lucy Gibson said,

"I have really enjoyed the daddy daughter dance, but also the fun and unique events every year. The whole thing is totally awesome, especially getting to spend time with my dad (and sister). But to answer your question, the fun event related to the theme, like the pottery making."

Fun moments making pottery from the 2016 retreat.

It is really cool to me that Lucy remembers the specific events that she did at the Daddy Daughter Retreat, like the pottery making class from a few years ago. This retreat is a great way to make your own father-daughter memories that you will always remember.

If you are planning on going to the Daddy Daughter Retreat, still thinking about it, or just looking for some parenting inspiration, here are a few cool articles that I found on strengthening father daughter bonds. Several of them are faith-based and would be great to read up on before the retreat. Note: I'm not an expert on this at all! I am a daughter, and these things resound true with me. However, these are just other people's ideas that I thought were cool.

  1. "7 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Father" - This article talks about things a daughter needs from her dad, like a positive role model.
  2. "Strengthening Father-Daughter Relationships" - This one talks about benefits of a father daughter relationship, as well as, ways a father can create a great relationship with his daughter.

*Side Note: I love that this article mentions the father teaching the daughter "guy things" he is good at like fishing, golfing, or fixing a car. As much as a daughter needs her mom for "girly things", she needs her dad to help make her feel empowered and confident to tackle life.

And, if you are looking for some father daughter date ideas for before or after the retreat, here are some articles with easy ideas for getting special time together:

  1. "10 Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas" - This list includes some classic date ideas, like going for a picnic or having a dinner date.
  2. "9 Unique Daddy/Daughter Date Ideas" - This one includes some options for girls a little bit older.

I hope these resources helped get your creative juices going and offered some wise insight. Please join us for the Daddy Daughter Retreat this April! We would be honored to be the site of your next daddy daughter date!

Thanks for reading. Until next time...

Much Love & Respect,


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