I love camp. I love everything about camp from the bible classes to dodgeball after dinner. Camp is truly the happiest place on earth for me at least. Every year I look forward to coming to camp. I love seeing my friends and reuniting old friendships from the past year. Every year my faith in God grows stronger and I learn more and more that will help me seek out and find God. I feel so loved and at home here it is my happy place.

The thing I love most about Camp Swamp is Teen Working. I love serving people and being able to see the other side of camp. Without workers there would be so many things that would not happen or would just not run as smoothly. I loved seeing smiles on kids faces everyday when I would either pass out cups or stand at the condiments. It made me feel good that I could make such an impact in a persons life. Teen Working also makes you appreciate the workers and staff and all they do for the campers. they do this because they chose to give their time to serve campers instead of doing anything that benefits themselves. Working also just brings me pure joy because I love serving people and making people happy.

Camp Swamp is the best place on earth and i'm so happy that i found this place. It is a place of pure joy and it is very pure and holy. When i was a young camper I was extremely happy to come to camp and I felt the same excitement every year sence. Camp is the best place on this earth and I don't know what I would do without it.