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The Importance of FUN!

The Importance of FUN!

Hello Swamp Bloggers,

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you are having a great day! Here are a few reminders before getting into this week's content:

1) Sign up for summer camp if you haven't yet! There are still plenty of spots available at

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Why It's Good to Have Fun

Here at Camp Swamp, we like to have fun! And, it's a good thing that we do, because who would want to come to a summer camp that is no fun? We sincerely hope that you have had fun experiences while at camp; it is one of our core values!

So, why is having fun so important besides the fact that it is one of the essential parts of a good summer camp experience? Two experts weigh in with their opinions in the following two articles. In "Five great reasons why your kid should play more" Cathy Piedra-Mckenzie says that in addition to teaching motor and athletic skills, play helps kids to build confidence and learn about teamwork. It's interesting that she talks about teamwork and everyone playing a part, as it fits one of our other Swamp values. Through play and fun, there is an opportunity for kids to feel valued in a specific role.

Campers and Counselors having fun playing field games during Week Four 2018.

In "6 reasons children need to play outside" Claire McCarthy, MD talks about the physical benefits of playing outside, such as getting Vitamin D and exercising, as well as, some of the social benefits. She talks about the importance of outside play in the lives of children, because we are constantly being bombarded by technology. At Camp Swamp, there are no phones, meaning kids are able to experience uninterrupted play. While some kids may think this is old school when they first arrive, by the end, they will know they are better for it!

Having Fun at Camp Swamp

Like I said earlier, we love to have fun at Camp Swamp. Camp is fun enough that there are counselors willing to come back year after year to hang out and serve the campers. Jacob Williams is one of those counselors. This summer will be Jacob's fifth summer serving as a full-time counselor, and he had a few things to say about his favorite fun activities at Camp Swamp.

"I can think of several games that I love to play at camp! 9-square, musical chairs, Just Dance, and do NOT let me forget the spelling bee!! These games always bring a smile to my face and to anyone else who is playing, and they are just so fun! I also love that these games can still be enjoyable when you aren't winning, because at camp, the environment and people are so encouraging that even losing can be fun, too! I can't wait to play these games and much more this summer!!"
Camp Swamp: Where even falling down is fun.

I think Jacob summed that up perfectly. At Camp Swamp, you don't have to be winning to be having a fun time. The environment and the people are what make camp what it is. Of course, having laser tag, slip'n'slide, a big pool, and giant human hamster balls can help too.

Another thing that I think makes Camp fun is that there is always something new to do each year. While there are annual activities, it is never just the same-old same-old. Camp is dynamic in its fun and play, and that keeps it fresh.

Speaking of fun, adults need to have fun, too! In 2020, there will be a new activity offered by Camp Swamp to help adults have as much fun as their kids. Check it out on our website, in addition to, the 2020 schedule.

Until next time! I hope you have some fun this week!

Much Love & Respect,


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