To me Family Camp means a time to be together and reconnect with one another. We use the time to strengthen the bonds and deepen the relationships within our family and this week allows us to make new memories together. We also connect with other families and share the lessons we've learned through our own journeys. I personally look forward to Family Camp because it not only kicks off my summer, but it lets me get to know the full time staff and establish the theme of the summer, setting the foundation for new conversations and friendships.

  • Lucy, Age 17

When we first came to Family Camp in 2007, I had no idea that we would start a family tradition that has had such a lasting impact on our relationships. It was a great way to introduce our girls to camp swamp when they were each five, and it has grown into a  treasured time together as we prepare for Lucy's senior year and Ella's junior year of high school. For a long time, Family Camp was our only family vacation all year because of financial constraints and life circumstances, and it has turned out to be my girls' favorite way to get away. Unplugging from the world, we reconnect with each other, make great memories, eat yummy food, and play. Sure, it can be a little hot sometimes, but this mama does not have to cook or clean for a couple of days while enjoying time with my family.

  • Rachele, Mom of Lucy and Ella