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I hope you're having a great day. Last week the blog featured all of the retreats coming up this fall. I encourage you to take a look at them if you haven't. Retreats will begin next month with the Mother Daughter Retreat and Teen Retreat. Don't miss out on all the great experiences at Camp Swamp this fall!

As promised, this week's blog is about another Swamp Corps experience. Ryan Poole graciously agreed to talk about her experience in Kenya. It seems like it was an amazing time that resulted in some pretty epic safari pictures. Keep reading to find out about her experience!

Ryan's Kenya Experience

"While being in Kenya, God opened the eyes of my heart to so many things. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, taste authentic Kenyan dishes (which were DELICIOUS), and encounter our King in a whole new way. The first week in Kenya, we had the chance to be in close proximity to animals most people only dream of seeing- giraffes, elephants, buffalo, wildebeests, and not to mention, the beautiful lioness that spotted her next potential kill. We painstakingly sat and watched for almost 30 minutes, as quiet as us tourists could sit, only for the Topi to run away.. (and there went her lunch). We were hosted by many Kenyan natives and were welcomed with an enormous amount of love and care by the Nairobi Christian Church.


The second week in Kenya was spent running Camp! It was a week filled with learning, love, and FUN! Swamp Camp Kenya 2018 was my very first experience counseling; I couldn't have had a better first encounter with Swamp. Connecting with my campers on a spiritual level, having the opportunity to teach a bible class about God's image, and making amazing friends were all gifts God decided to place in my life.. and that is only a small fraction of how much He loves me.


The entire process of fundraising/saving for Kenya, being there, and coming back home to take it all in has been faith-building, to say the very least. Our Father has shown me that He loves me more than my human mind will ever be able to fathom. He loves me more than anything He's ever created... and He's made some pretty mouth-dropping things just on our planet alone! Not to mention the thousands of galaxies, planets, and stars He's made, discovered and undiscovered! His love for us is infinite, and, more than anything else, God showed me that it is OKAY to accept his love and that I am in the safest hands when I abide in Him. I can't wait to go back to Kenya and be in that beautiful country again!!"


-Ryan Poole

Thank you Ryan for painting such a vivid picture of what Swamp Corps Kenya must have been like. How amazing it is to see God at work in people's hearts all over the world.

Thanks for reading guys! Until next week. :)

Much Love & Respect,