Image21Camp Swamp is a wonderful place, you make new friends have fun and are able to have fun with family, friends, and even Mr. Jeff! Camp is all about fun, making new friends, and spending time with your family. You have bible classes every day, and they help you to learn about God. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, made by the friendly kitchen staff. They make really good food and are really nice people! At camp, you learn how to play tons of games, you get to do activities, and dodge ball! You can roast marshmallows at the fire pit and you get to sing tons of songs on Wednesday at the Singing Devotional. You can do tons of different activities with friends, like fuse ball, scavenger hunts, tournaments, and cabin challenges. People get to have fun singing at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just being themselves. Camp Swamp is a home to everyone. Your counselors are very nice and care for us and don't act like we are some kind of person they don't care about. The reason I love Swamp Camp is because you get to meet tons of new friends, old friends, and be yourself!