Happy New Year Swamp Blog Readers!!!

I hope your new year has started out wonderfully. Many of our campers got to start their new year at H@TS. It was a really fun time that involved a dance party, bubble soccer, fireworks, a new years banquet, snowman making (see below), and time to chill and hang out. There was also time to reflect on the importance of worship and prayer and all of the things 2018 brought.

"Snowman" making contest at 2018-19 H@TS

Just from looking at the pictures, it seems like this was an unforgettable H@TS! A couple of campers wanted to share their experiences at H@TS this year.

Skylar Bailey said that it was a great time for her to reflect on all the ways God has blessed her and to look forward to 2019:

I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend at H@TS. I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than at Camp Swamp. I remember counting down the New Year and simply looking around at my best friends and all the excitement in the room and I couldn't help but be incredibly grateful for how God has blessed me. H@TS gave me time to reflect on the past year and time to pray and look forward to everything 2019 has to offer. I'm so excited for this next year because of the amazing way it started and I'm already getting excited about the next time I will have the opportunity to be in my favorite place on earth.


Skylar (left) at the New Years Eve Banquet

Jacob Pursell said he is thankful for the impact the Swamp has made on him not just at H@TS but all year long. He explained that the Swamp has taught him how to truly worship God, which was the theme of H@TS.

What is the Swamp? Well for me it is my second home. It’s a place where I can be myself and worship God without being persecuted by the world. Whether it be losing limbo to girls 1 or having to write love letters, the Swamp has taught me one thing and that is how to worship. I can’t thank the Swamp enough for having the impact it did on my life.


Jacob (top) at H@TS

It seems like H@TS was a lot of fun and very impactful, as well. As we head into the new year, let's remember to worship God in everything we do and to thank him for all the blessings he's given us, just like Skylar and Jacob were talking about.

At Camp Swamp, we are thankful for moments and smiles like these!

Speaking of blessings, the Swamp would love to know what your favorite 2018 Swamp memory is. Share this post and your favorite memory, and don't forget to tag us @campswamp on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time...

Much Love & Respect,