Image45This is my fifth year coming to camp swamp and my second year coming twice. Each time I come to camp, I always have a different experience. This year, my experience at camp was beyond words. I had a great time acting in the drama play week three and a great time hearing all the devotions I missed week six. I have learned so much already about not being a sin manager but an image seeker and what having a relationship with God really means. One thing that really stuck out to me was something someone said during a lunch devotion. She was telling us not to be a Christian and have a don't do mindset but have a do do mindset. I have also met so may new friends and I'm really grateful for each one of them. I'm really grateful for Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Jen and for their hearts for leading this camp and making sure we have a really fun time. I'm really grateful for all my counselors I have or had. I'm really grateful for the chance to come to camp swamp. It really feels like a second home to me.