When I arrived at camp this year I was nervous because I was going a different week than most of my friends. Most of my friends were going week 4 and this year I had to go week 6. I had never gone week 6 and I was worried I would feel alone without the majority of my friends. I've been going to camp ever since I was 9 and have always had a great time, but I was thinking it wasn't going to be as fun without my close friends. I was so wrong! I had the time of my life week 6 and I had a bond with my cabin that I had never had before. I realized it doesn't matter what week you go or who you go with. Camp is just a special place where you can't feel alone. It feels like every single time I go to camp every year just gets better and better. Swamp is my favorite place in the world and I always can't wait to come back.