Mr. Sonny & Ms. Carolyn at Family Camp with one of their granddaughters

Hello from the Swamp.  This is Sonny Sessions and welcome to my summer camp blog posts called Impression Sessions, through which I would like to give you mine and Carolyn's observations from our time during summer camp this year.  We are Swamp's resident grandparents and, naturally, all grandparents love talking about their children and grandchildren, so check back each week to hear the latest from us; in the meantime, here is our first entry:
For the last two weeks we have spent time here while our two youngest granddaughters were FIRST TIME campers.  The youngest one at family camp and the older one at Week 1.  We have had a wonderful time watching them enjoy something we were fortunate to be a part of for over 25 years.  Here are some impressions we came away with over the last two weeks:

  • What a special, SAFE place camp is.  The freedom these kids experience is so good for them.
  • Children still love to have fun.  The counselors were so energetic and kind.  We watched them deal with the kids and were very impressed by their emotional and spiritual maturity.
  • The culture remains the same: respect for one another, learning about and honoring God, making new friends, and, of course, ENJOYING THE CANTEEN.  Jeff and Jennifer Rorabaugh are continuing the culture that began 25 years ago.
  • We were also very impressed by the excellence demanded of the counselors.  Each one brings a unique set of talents to camp.
  • Erwin and Debbie continue their standard of excellence.  They both had surprise visits from the state inspector this past week.  Erwin scored a 100 on the pool and Debbie a 100 on the kitchen.  Not surprised by delighted.

We look forward to our time here this summer.  Next time I am going to share about a special event that is starting to become tradition involving Girls 1.   Until then, no snakes and no breaks.  Love, Mr. Sonny.