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This weekend Swamp will be having its annual Mother Son Retreat. This is an awesome time for mothers and sons to bond with each other, and the good news is that it's not too late to sign up! To help explain all the awesome stuff that happens at the Mother Son Retreat and why you should consider going, we have a mother/son pair, Stephanie and Isaac Sanders, to tell us about their experience at the retreat last year.

Isaac Sanders (left) and Stephanie Sanders (right):

1.) What were some of the activities and devotionals you had last year?

"There was a zip line last year, and the boys absolutely loved seeing/pushing their moms down that zip line! I look forward to the new activity and new memory made with my son each retreat. Praying with the other women attending, the early singing devotional, and the lesson on Saturday are times of growth, inspiration, and connection with God, my son, and sisters."


2.) What was your favorite thing you did last year?

"We had to miss some of the retreat Saturday because Isaac had a track meet, so we missed the zip line, but our favorite time at every retreat is playing games and ping pong in the dining room."

"My favorite things are eating meals with my mom and the devotionals that the counselors do with the sons."


3.) Why would you recommend other mothers and sons come to this retreat?

"Connection. Memories. My main goal in my relationship with my son is for him to feel a connection with me and feel how deeply he is loved. I also want him to have connection with and understand and feel God's love. Camp Swamp is a place where God's love is felt! Stopping the regular packed routine of our weeks and months and taking a weekend "off" just to spend time with Isaac at the retreat year after year is a way that I can show him how much I want to connect, and that it is a priority to me."

"I recommend you go to mother son retreat to strengthen your relationship with your mom and with God. It helps you get to know your mom better."


4.) How do you think the retreat can help moms of young men/ young boys?

"Isaac and many other sons would not want to miss a weekend at the swamp if they had a choice. When I make it a priority to go to mother/son retreat, I am saying that I respect him and like doing what he likes to do and going where he wants to go. At home, there is no way I am ever going to feel like or be able to play games for hours. My son will not get my attention for several days straight no matter how hard I try.

The mother/son retreat allows me time for stillness, for refreshing as I rock in those porch chairs and watch Isaac play dodgeball or something that I don't prefer to participate in, for holding hands with my son as we walk across camp, for learning from other women, for long conversations while Isaac plays, for getting out of my comfort zone and playing with Isaac in a way that he would not usually see me "play."

I think it's so important for our boys to see their moms making connections and memories a priority. Out in nature, at camp swamp, is where we want our boys to be...to feel God, to clear their minds, to connect with themselves and their mama!"


That sounds like a lot of fun for moms and their boys! If you are interested in signing up for the retreat, you can head over to our website to SIGN UP. For those going to the retreat, there is also a list of what to bring, as well as, details about the retreat on the sign up link. We hope to see many mothers and sons this weekend as many more memories are made! :)

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