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Moments Spent Together

Moments Spent Together

Hi Swamp Bloggers!

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

This week I was talking to one of my roommates about her favorite camp memory. She told me her favorite memory is having spontaneous singing devotionals on the  front porch during rainstorms. She said that storms at camp are her favorite, because we all are together in one place and forced to be creative to come up with activities to do. When I thought about it, I realized some of my favorite memories are also probably from times when it was raining at camp.

Why is it that these times create such special memories? First, I think it is the fact that rainstorms are so powerful and beautiful to watch and listen to. I also think  it is the spontaneity of the moment and the togetherness of the situation.

One of the most important parts of any moment is who you're with.

It's the same in life. My favorite moments from college have been the ones spent doing something spontaneous and fun with people that I love. And, when I say spontaneous, I don't necessarily mean crazy or adventurous. Sometimes, it has just been the spontaneous conversations that I've had.

A few of my most treasured moments from this year have actually been conversations that I've had with my roommates while staying up late studying. Sometimes, they're funny conversations born out of pure exhaustion that leave me crying from laughter. And, sometimes they're deep conversations that come out of nowhere. Regardless of which it is, both seem to make the studying seem less important and more bearable.

Sometimes even having to sing for a consequence can become a fun moment.

I think that God desires for us to have those special spontaneous moments together. Maybe, sometimes rainstorms are actually God's way of forcing us inside together to make some memories. Perhaps, he's trying to help us realize that our set plans aren't as important as being together and enjoying the moment - the moment set out for us by the Creator of the universe.

Regardless of whether that's the purpose of rainstorms, I think there is something to be said about embracing the moment. Although we have a set schedule, we are always eager to enjoy the spontaneous moments spent together at camp. Why not do the same in our everyday lives?

So, this week I encourage you to embrace whatever moment God gives you, for it's the only one you have for that moment in time.

Until next week, friends!

Much Love & Respect,


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