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Kai Williams!

Hello, friends! This week, I interviewed a friend of ours, Zakai Williams! You can see the interview below. :)

Favorite meal at Camp Swamp?

Mr. Erwin’s Burgers.

Favorite Challenge?

The Camper vs. Counselor basketball game!

… Does that mean your favorite consequence is wearing underwear on your head at dinner?

Definitely not! I like the marker makeovers, though. I also like love letters, it’s funny to see what people think of.

Last question- what’s your favorite memory that you’ve made at Camp so far?

Bri here- the answer he gave is an EXTREMELY classified Camp Swamp tradition that is reserved for rainy nights. For this reason, it has been stricken from the record. If you know, you know.

Well, friends, that’s all for me this week! I’ll be back with more interviews/blogs from our campers and teen workers! Please continue to pray for us to have an awesome summer!

Much Love,

Bri <3

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