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It’s Spooky Season!

Howdy friends! I hope all of you are having a fantastic week! I wanted this blog to be a little on the sillier side, so I have a story for you guys! In honor of spooky season starting, I wanted to tell you guys about a time at Camp when I got so spooked that… well… we’ll get to that in a moment.

So. Picture this. It’s a humid, incredibly hot Tuesday night. I’m getting some hang time with some counselors in our counselor area, since all of our campers had gone to sleep. We’re laughing, trading snacks, having a grand old time.

Until we see it.

A cockroach.


We freeze. I think to myself, someone has to kill it. Obviously, because there’s NO WAY I’d be sleeping in there knowing that a MONSTER is currently residing in our humble abode. So, I take a deep breath, and grab the broom.

It happens in slow motion. My co-counselors nod to me, acknowledging my unparalleled bravery and tenacity. I prepare to erase the monstrous bug from existence.

There’s one problem.

I missed. I MISSED.


Amidst the hushed chaos (the campers are still sleeping) something happens.

I, uh. Fell out of the window. And took the screen with me. I’m not sure how, but I managed to catch the window frame before I actually hit the ground. We were able to fix it temporarily, but I still had to tell Mr. Erwin what happened the next day. 😂

So. That happened. You are invited to point and laugh now! But! Before you do, I’d like to hear some stories from you guys as well, down in the comment section below! Anything spooky or downright hilarious will do!

Can’t wait to read them all :)

With all that silliness aside, I'm glad that I wasn't alone when all of that happened! It's always good, especially during the times we live in now, to have friends on your side. Life can be full of uncertainties, but luckily we serve a God that places wonderful people in our lives. Take a moment to appreciate your friends, and maybe even send them an encouraging message. :)

Well! That’s gonna do it for this week, I hope you guys will get some joy out of one of the most terrifying ordeals in my entire Camp career! I’ll be praying as always for each of you to have a safe and encouraging week!

Much Love,

Bri <3

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