What can you say about Family Camp @ Camp Swamp?  I mean, do you ever wish you had a time when the distractions of this world did not intrude?  A place where you could let your hair down and check your insecurities at the door?  A chance to spend time with your friends, old and new, with complete and utter confidence that your kids are also having a ball?  What price can you put on seeing your kid make a new best friend in a weekend?  

For my family, these few days at the start of summer are all of these things, and so much more.  Family Camp just has a way of softening our hearts towards one another and towards God.  I have never regretted setting aside the time or resources to get here, and I love seeing new families get to experience the same kind of time together.  As my kids get older, time spent together becomes all the more precious.  I'm so grateful for the time we have at Family Camp.