Camp Swamp is a safe spiritual place for kids to grow and learn about God. There are many great opportunities for kids to pray, learn and have fun together. Activities are provided throughout the day and while kids are learning and having fun, they also learn the importance of hard work and responsibility. The past four years campers and counselors have been so nice to me even as a 9 year I was widely respected by everyone and I was expected to do the same, which wasn't hard at all. Every time the week ends everyone wants to come back to Camp Swamp, and I don't blame them because I love this place to. It feels like a second home and all the first years love it. Everyone wishes they had more time, but that is want makes this place special because the week you are here feels so long and when it is over it feels like it just started. The people here are the best and you will not regretting coming to Camp Swamp.