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Gift Ideas for a Swamp Lover Pt. 2

Gift Ideas for a Swamp Lover Pt. 2

Hello Swamp Bloggers!

Welcome back to the blog. If you've been reading for a while, you might remember a blog I did from last year entitled "Gift Ideas for a Swamp Lover." Well, it's holiday shopping crunch time again, which means it's time for the original list to get a sequel. These 10 gift ideas are inspired by activities from camp, as well as the practical needs of a camper. I hope that you enjoy!

Price Key: $ = $5 - $20 ; $$ = $20 - $45 ; $$$ = $45+

1) Magnetic Picture Frame Set ($$$) - Last year's gift list featured a polaroid camera. This magnetic picture frame set is the perfect way to display those instant photographs and camp memories. The cool thing about this is it's low maintenance and easy to rearrange. Simply hang one photo, and the rest magnetically attach in any design. This product fits Fuji Instax Mini photos.

Say cheese!

2) Camp scented candle ($-$$) - So, apparently this is a thing! Check out this Summer Camp Candle from a brand called "homesick." Or, try getting a candle with a woods or other outdoors scent. Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these, but the homesick candle has only 4 and 5 star reviews on the site.

3) Playing Cards ($) - This is a great stocking stuffer or gift all on its own. Campers love playing all kinds of card games, as well as, rounds upon rounds of Uno. This is great family present, as well.

Cards are such an easy way to have fun.

4) Donation to a camp account ($-$$$) - Help someone get to another country for a Swamp Corps trip or make a donation to someone's summer camp fund. Visit us to learn more at https://campswamp.com/

5) Board Games ($-$$$) - If your kids have ever talked about playing Ta-Da!, Catan, or Apples to Apples, they should love this gift. It's also a great family present.

Board games are great for everyone.

6) Water bottle ($-$$$) - Water is great (and necessary) all the time. We drink a lot at camp, and it can start a really good habit. A durable, stylish water bottle is a great gift option for anyone, especially someone who is active. Trending bottles include S'well and Hydro Flask (note: these two brands are a little on the pricier side.)

7) Framed picture from a retreat ($) - This is a great gift for campers to give to their parents. Buy a frame to put a Mother Daughter, Father Son, or other retreat photograph in, and parents will certainly appreciate the thought, sentiment, and of course, the camp memory.

Picture this sweet photo in a frame.

8) H@TS (priceless!) - While not actually free, this is a wonderful gift to give someone who loves the Swamp and couldn't imagine missing an opportunity to be there. Parents: send your kids here, and you can be free for a New Years Eve date night or get together. Kids will love this gift, as well!

Must be in grades 7-12;  REGISTER NOW!

Want to give a gift to the Swamp? : Join Roundup, a service that rounds your bank transactions to the nearest dollar and donates the change to the Swamp every month. Click here to sign up.

Thanks so much for reading this week. Happy gift giving! :)

Much Love & Respect,


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