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Helping Kids Engage in Christmas

Helping Kids Engage in Christmas

Hi Swamp Blog Readers!

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Christmas is just around the corner now, and that means kids are about to be out of school and home for the holidays. While this is a very exciting time for kids, it is understandable that parents can get overwhelmed trying to entertain their idle children for weeks in a row. Not to mention, there is a lot of preparation that goes into getting holiday ready.

And, let's not forget about the meaning of Christmas. While parents want to find Christmas activities, they are also in search of ways to teach young children and older ones, too, about Christmas's true meaning.

At the Swamp, we believe that fun and spirituality are both a part of what makes camp successful. Since kids need both, I've compiled some sources on how to get kids of all ages involved in Christmas this season.

1. Christmas Crafts

When kids need some entertaining besides the TV, try one of these 50+ Christmas crafts:

Click for Crafts

I think the Christmas slime looks like it would be fun to play with!

2. Fun, Cheap Christmas Activities

Christmas activities don't have to be expensive. Many are free! Communities also tend to host Christmas events, so try checking your city calendar for ideas. The article below provides 12 Christmas activities for your family.

I like the sound of the movie marathon and the hot chocolate buffet:

Click for fun

3. Donate Toys to Children' Hospitals

There are many ways to help children and teenagers get involved in giving during the holidays, and this is just one. In the article below, a mom gives some advice for donating toys to hospitals based on her family's own experience. She also gives tips on how to involve kids in the process:

7 Helpful Tips for Donating Toys to Hospitals (And Getting Your Kids Involved!)

This article gives some other options for helping kids get involved in holiday giving:

Click for Giving Options

4. Kid Friendly Holiday Baking

Baking together is a great way for kids to get involved in Christmas and for everyone to have a role. This article has some extremely cute Christmas cookie ideas:

Click for Sweets

These are just a few resources for how to get your kids involved in Christmas. Best wishes to you and your family during the holiday season. I pray and hope you can both have fun and remember Jesus this Christmas.

P.S. If you are looking for some help entertaining your kids and giving them a wholesome, spiritual environment for New Years, sign them up for H@TS! Swampers, ask for this as a Christmas gift this year!

Until next time!

Much Love & Respect,


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