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Welcome back! I hope you're having a great day. I want to give a quick reminder about registration for summer camp at our website (campswamp.com/youthcamp). Also, if you haven't heard, registration for Nicaragua Year 4 is officially open! Sign up soon as there are limited spots this year.

Who out there loves to be encouraged? I know I do. When we consider it, encouragement is something very vital to our spirituality, both as the encourager and the encouraged. It picks us up when we are down, and it motivates us to keep going when we feel like hope is lost. It reminds me of the scripture Mrs. Jen shares with all the girls every week before the ring of honor.

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called "Today," so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."

-Hebrews 3:13


The scripture says to encourage one another daily. And, it says to not stop until it is no longer called "today", or until we die. What a calling! The scripture then says to do this so that no one is hardened by sin's tricks and lies. In a sense, encouragement can be like giving someone a little piece of our faith. When others are discouraged, we can lift them up and give them a little portion of our strength. This, in effect, can lift up not only that person, but future people they may go on to encourage. It reminds me of this cool video:

One thing I love about that video is that even if they didn't seem grateful at first, every person was so touched by the kindness they received that they immediately desired to do something for someone else. And, in the end, the act of kindness came full circle. It's the same thing in real life. We all face difficult things in life and need encouragement from time to time. Sometimes, we have to be the ones to start the trend, just like the guy in the video.

Encouragement is not always a big feat. Sometimes, it is a kind smile. Sometimes, it is words of affirmation or praise. Other times, it is an act of service. However small it is, the effect it has is not small. Encouragement is not only crucial to our lives, it is biblical, as well. This week I challenge everyone to think of how they can encourage others daily. It only takes one person to start a chain reaction!

Until Next Week!

I love you guys!

Much Love & Respect,