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7 Things to Bring to Camp

7 Things to Bring to Camp

Hi Swamp Blog Readers!

Happy Monday!! And, welcome back to the Swamp blog. Congratulations to all out video contest winners for winning $100 off their week at camp. We drew our last winner this past Saturday. Also, please remember to sign up if you would like to help with the Swamp work days, May 12 and May 19. This is a very great way to serve the Swamp as we get down into the last few weeks before summer camp!! Woohoo!! Click HERE to sign up.

Camp is getting close, and it's never too early to start thinking about packing! Camp Swamp's website has a handy packing list located on the tabs underneath the summer camp page. It includes a lot of really important things to bring to camp, like clothes, and towels, and a toothbrush. (PLEASE pack these.) However, while not necessary, there are some things not on the list that myself and others have found useful when at camp. Keep reading to find out what you should bring!

  1. Extra Clothes - If you have been to camp, you know that sometimes we get dirty. Bringing extra (more than 7 pairs) of clothes can help prevent having to wear dirty or wet clothes, or clothes that look like this:


  1. Extension Cords / Power Strip - this is honestly a life saver! While there are a good number of outlets in the cabin, there never seem to be enough plugs. And, sitting on the top bunk can make it difficult to plug your fan in. Extension cords and power strips make things way easier, while also reducing the chance for a power surge. Counselors: Bring an extra one, and someone's parents will love you for it!

  2. Snacks - While the canteen is really great, sometimes it is nice to have extra snacks on hand in the cabin. Just make sure you keep them tucked away to keep out bugs.


  1. Foam matress topper - this one will make you sleep easier. A foam matress topper makes the matresses noticeably more comfortable and softer.

  2. Friendship Bracelet String - this one isn't necessary, but I've always found bringing my own string and scissors made life easier when making bracelets. You can always buy string at the craft table, but this makes things more convenient!


  1. Wrist Watch - With no cellphones allowed, a wrist watch is really crucial to keeping track of time.

  2. Box Fan - the Swamp packing list does include a fan. However, the type of fan you bring can make all the difference. I've tended to find that the small clip-on fans may not be enough, depending on the week. Box fans are really nice for blasting air as soon as you get back into the cabin, as well as, helping you to fall asleep faster.

I hope these things help you as you get ready to pack for camp very, very soon! Until Next Week!

Much Love & Respect,

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