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Making Genuine Connections

Making Genuine Connections

Hi Swamp Blog Readers!

I hope you're having a great day! Summer Camp Registration is officially open!! You can now register for camp, as well as, apply to be a counselor, kitchen worker, teen worker, or a member of our medical staff. Check out last week's blog to hear five volunteers share about their experiences serving at camp. :)

This week I've been thinking about the idea of connecting. At Camp, it is very easy to connect. There is such an open, non-judgemental atmosphere, and many refer to the Swamp as their safe place or second home for that very reason. But, how do we create great connections like that outside of camp? It can definitely be more difficult, especially when having many relationships to tend to. However, it is definitely not impossible. This week I have three ideas for helping create connections, along with some outside resources to aid those connections.

  1. Having intentional conversations.

This is not an innovative or new idea at all, but it is definitely something that can help create genuine connections. For me, I know I can really go through the motions most days. However, being aware of my needs and the other person's needs and setting aside a time to talk about specific things in our lives really helps me to feel closer to that person (and vice-versa.)


This article is five simple ways to genuinely connect with teens:

  1. Putting aside social media.

This is not a genius idea either, but it is definitely hard to do many times. I know I can become very absorbed (for hours sometimes) in my phone or laptop and all my social media. It is amazing how being somewhere with a dead cell phone can open my eyes to how many different kinds of people there are around me all living individual lives. And, too much social media can definitely take away from my relationships with friends and family. While there are certainly many pros to having social media, nothing replaces real-life connection.


In this article, a blogger talks about lessening technology without cutting it out completely for personal and job use:

  1. Praying together.

I feel as if prayer connects me to other people (as well as God) in a way not many other things can. Presenting thanks as well as requests to God together bonds in a very special and unique way. And, God promises when two or three are gathered in his presence, He is there with them.


I hope these simple ideas and other resources gave you some inspiration for creating great connections with your family, friends, and those around you. Remember, to REGISTER/APPLY for Summer Camp and volunteer/fulltime positions. It's gonna be an amazing Summer!!

Until Next Week!

Much Love & Respect,

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