I'm Colin Harrison and I have been coming to camp for the last five years and it has been the best time of my life! My favorite thing about camp is the friendships that you make. Even though I like everything about Camp Swamp, friendships really hit the spot. The food is another incredible thing about camp, Mrs. Debbie is the best cook ever and even if she cooks something that maybe you don't like, there is always something else that you love. Another thing is that the counselors are some of the most funny, creative, and happy people you will ever meet, and every parent trusts them, this is also an fantastic place to learn about God and get closer to him. Finally, the activities are some of the most fun you will ever have, after every dinner we play dodgeball and there is also baseball, cards, board games, gaga ball, and so much more! Over all, Camp Swamp is the most incredible, fantastic and amazing place and my favorite place in the world.