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Camp Swamp- Where Fashion is our Passion

Hello again, friends! It’s that time of the week again, and I am so excited to share another blog with you.

Before I get into our topic for this week, I wanted to take a little time to redirect our attention the the Camp Swamp AC Campaign. Great news! We’re almost a third of the way to our goal of $15,000. Thank you SO much for your continued generosity! If you’d like to join the campaign and help make camp cooler, please click HERE! You can view the progress of the donations, and of course, make a donation yourself!

Also, just another quick reminder that the Middle School Retreat is happening in TWO WEEKS!! Make sure to sign up using this link!

So, for this week’s blog, as can probably guess by the title, I want to talk about “fashion” at Camp- if you can really it that. I asked some campers and counselors about the one item they simply can’t go to Camp without. After getting their answers, I put together a list. I present to you, the top 4 clothing items for all your Camp Swamp fashion needs!

Number 4: Rain Boots!

There are a lot of great reasons to bring rain boots to camp, like keeping your socks dry and all that good stuff, but let’s face it- there’s one reason that beats them all. You know those puddles that form right in front of your cabin after it rains really hard? How fun is it to jump in them- I mean, walk safely into the cabin without soaking yourself.

Number 3: A Tie-Dye T-Shirt!

Most seasoned camp veterans know that know Tuesday is incomplete without packing in as much tie-dye as humanly possible. Bonus points if you tie-dye your face with face paint.

Number 2: Crocs!

Ah yes, the most versatile pair of shoes you can own. You can wear them to free time, pool time, meal time, the bathhouse, even bedtime. (The last one is not recommended.) Don’t forget to switch them into sports mode before you get on the dodgeball field!

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. What could POSSIBLY be ranked higher than crocs? The number one slot is saved for something very special, something that should only be worn on the first day of camp.

Number 1: SWAMP SOCKS!!

Yes, that’s right! Swamp Socks are the most important part of Swamp Sock Sunday, as you may have guessed. Ya know, by the name of the day. Anyways, support Camp Swamp in style with your very own pair!

That’s all for me this week, thanks for reading! As always, I am praying for all of you to have a safe, productive week!

Much Love, Bri

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