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Camp Swamp: A Fashion Blog

Camp Swamp: A Fashion Blog

Hi Swamp Blog Readers!


Welcome back to the blog! This week we have some very unique content coming to you, but first I want to give weekly reminders. We have ONE week left of our video contest, meaning one last chance to win $100 off your summer camp fee. Enter on Instagram, and check out details on our Facebook. Also, you can sign up for Swamp work days, either on May 12 or May 19, Here.

Typically, during summer camp, each day of the week has some kind of clothing trend. For example, Friday's theme is "Freedom Friday," during which Swampers will dress up in red, white, and blue. The themed clothing days are a great way to have fun at the Swamp, and a unique part of the camp culture. I asked two of my friends, Jacob Williams and Caroline Rigdon, to model the different clothing trends for each day of the week. A big shoutout to them for helping me with this photoshoot. Catch both of them out at camp all summer!

Note: Camp is all about BEING YOURSELF!! :) The most important thing at camp is that you wear what makes you feel comfortable. Feel free to join these trends, not join them, or even start your own trend! Also, I may have missed some of the trends. These are just the ones I've found the most popular at camp.

Monday: College Monday

Here Jacob and Caroline don their red and black to show pride for their college team: The Georgia Bulldogs.

Tuesday: Tie Dye Tuesday

Jacob and Caroline got a little crazy for Tie Day Tuesday. Feel free to wear as much wacky tie dye as you desire.

Wednesday: Worldwide Wednesday or Wolfpack Wednesday

In this photo, Caroline and Jacob model two great options for Wednesday's outfits: Worldwide Wednesday and Wolfpack Wednesday.
Caroline is proudly sporting her Nicaragua jersey from her Swamp Corps trip. Worldwide Wednesday is all about repping countries around the world. This is the time to wear all your Swamp Corps gear, as well as clothes representing countries you have been to, or are from.
In this photograph Jacob prowls in the trees, mimicing the wolf on his shirt for Wolfpack Wednesday. (Don't worry; you don't have to act like a wolf on Wednesdays.)

Thursday: Tropical Thursday

Is it just the camera flash, or do Jacob and Caroline look like some crazy tourists? Tropical Thursday is all about wearing your coolest Tropical shirts, hats, pants, and even flower leis.

Friday: Freedom Friday

Jacob and Caroline's outfits are just screaming USA, and we love it. Make sure to pack your red, white, and blue for Freedom Fridays, and you'll be ready to chant...

That's all for this week Swamp family!

Much Love & Respect,

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