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The Beauty of Diversity

The Beauty of Diversity

Hi Swamp Bloggers!


Welcome back to the Swamp blog! I hope you're having a spectacular Monday! :) Reminder: Summer Camp registration is open and available through Also, you can still sign up for summer volunteer staffing positions, as well as, the mother son retreat online at our website. (The Mother Son Retreat will be held at the Swamp from March 23-25.)

This week I asked a friend what I should write the Swamp blog about and she brought up the idea of diversity. Not only is diversity a very spiritual topic that should be celebrated, it is one of our Swamp values that is very important and essential to camp.

The topic of diversity made me think about a post I read earlier this week. In the post someone made a hypothetical conversation God had with his angels when he was creating different creatures of the Earth. Despite some hesitance from the angels about some interesting qualities God wanted to give to some of the animals (like making bats sleep upside down and making hyenas have a crazy cackle laugh), God persisted in creating the animals just like he wanted. It's kind of a funny thing to think about, but it made me think about how much more thought and enjoyment God took in creating all of his sons and daughters.

Created In His Image

This week I asked a couple people how they see diversity at camp and how they think God sees diversity. This is what they said:

Matilde Rodgers, 21 years old:

  1. How do you see diversity at the Swamp?
  2. What do you think God was thinking when he created all of us and all of our differences?

“I see diversity in camp’s counselor dynamic. You have the loud, outgoing ones, the gentle and quiet spirits, the chill people, and so much more. Each counselor brings something different to the table, allowing each camper from diverse backgrounds to have their needs met. Without diversity, camp would be extremely one dimensional."

"I think God was extremely excited when he made each of us. In Genesis, it mentions that he created us in his image, which includes all of our differences. God was so proud of each carefully designed human that he even put part of himself in us, and I think that is pretty awesome.”

-Matilde Rodgers

Free to Be Who We Are

Jesse McKay, 23 years old:

  1. How do you see people embrace their individuality and diversity at camp, and what are some everyday things you think we can do to embrace diversity more?

"Because of the lack of judgement in the environment of camp, people feel free to be themselves. Whatever makes them different becomes something that is special, instead of something they might feel embarrassed about. Camp also works well because of the differences in people. So diversity becomes something that helps camp run smoothly and diversity is appreciated. While we aren't at camp, we can remember those aspects. We can treasure what makes people who they are and we can remember the importance of diversity. We can learn a lot more from each other that way."

-Jesse McKay

"Most Embraced Camp Value"

Cory Cole, 22 years old

  1. What are some specific ways you see diversity embraced at camp?

"Camp is a place where diversity can truly be embraced in so many aspects. You see so many different kids come through camp, all different, unique and special in their own way. And yet, everybody has a place and everybody plays a role. No matter where people come from, no matter their backgrounds or interests, everyone brings something to the table. It's something you see in the various activities and traditions; you see it in the cabins' dynamics. I think diversity is one of the most practiced and embraced values at camp."


-Cory Cole

Celebrating Diversity

Those are awesome points about diversity, and a good reflection of how diversity is embraced in the camp culture. Diversity is such an important thing for us to talk about at camp and as those who love God. It makes me so sad that not all cultures or backgrounds are nearly as represented as they should be in our media, in our schools and workplaces, and sometimes even in our churches. Let's be people who change that! Comment below your perspective on diversity and how you see God's artistry and vastness in his creation.

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Until Next Week!

Much Love & Respect,

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