Image740Well to start this off lets just say its been the best thing I've ever been to so far.
when I got here I was terrified, like shaking nervous. but a lot of the counselors and workers made me wanting to stay worthwhile. For the most part when it started my cabin's(boys 4) entrance was perfect and as we came down the hill I had horrible grip with the shoes I had, so I sustained an injury. But with the support of the nurses and several other campers, I stayed determined to keep on going, and since then it's gotten even better. The camp studies have compelled me to just try to find myself in ll of this, instead of "fitting in". For the most part I wanted to give up a lot, but, a certain person (that I shall not name) gave me the ideal to keep on moving. In a way I feel that God had a hand in this, the encouragement I got throughout this was astounding. And since it's already Thursday(I think?) I feel that it's been too short, but at least I've made friends and amends to myself, along with new stories and outlooks on Christ and how I behave. So for now, this was Omnihog (a.k.a) August l. James, have a great rest of your time folks.

~ from the words of a great hedgehog