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An Exciting Update!

Hello, sweet friends! Welcome back to the blog, thank you for being here! :) This week, we have quite a bit of news for you, and I literally cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! (No, seriously, I almost titled the blog "AHHHHHH!!!" because that's how I feel about it. LOL.)

There’s a video I’d like for you all to watch, I’ll let that do the talking.

Here’s what one parent had to say about Virtual Camp Swamp, see below!

The fun doesn't stop here- I was also able to get some feedback from a camper who participated in the pilot. Their response was really encouraging!

"Virtual Swamp Camp was AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE, I met so may new people and made friends from many different countries. I never wanted it to end. ❤️"
-Gaby, Zimbabwe, Girls 5

"So honestly, in the beginning I was very hesitant and didn’t want to do it, but on the very first day I completely fell in love with the way I was able to connect with people around the world! I never thought that not being at camp could feel like I was at camp."

-Maya, USA, Girls 3

You can also watch some of the videos from the pilot week, all you have to do is click the link below! There's quite a few- and the Boys 1 video is pretty rad if you ask me!

Click this link to see all the videos!!

Of course, I am really gonna miss doing Camp in person. But after the tiny taste of Virtual Camp Swamp that I’ve seen, I CAN’T!! WAIT!!! For this amazing, God-Glorifying summer to start.

I love you guys, I’ll be praying for each of you to have a safe and encouraging week!

Much Love,

Bri <3

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