I am sad to say that this is my last year as a camper. I have had the privilege to attend Camp Swamp for 10 years now. I am in Girls 8 this week and being in the oldest girls cabin is definitely a different experience. It means that we must set the example for the younger campers and show them how to protect the culture of camp and treat each other with the kindness and love that makes Camp Swamp such a safe place. Although I will not be able to camp next year, I am excited to leave this responsibility to the upcoming older girls. This does not mean that the younger ones can't also be an example, but once it hits you that it is truly your last year camping, something changes inside. It makes you cherish every moment with more intention and to desperately capture God's love through everyone you meet. I love camp so much and I know for sure that my last year camping will not be my last year involved with Camp Swamp.