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A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Hi Swamp Bloggers,

Happy New Years Eve! Can you believe 2018 is almost over? It's been an incredible year for Camp Swamp. There have been exciting trips, new opportunities, new staff members hired, and more. What's exciting is that there is much more to come in 2019!

Before thinking about the next year, it is good to take some time to reflect on what God has done with this year. This blog is a bit like a picture book to recall our good times this year and to reflect on all the good of 2018. I think that the Swamp history of this year will have an impact on the Swamp for a long time.


This year Swamp Corps did its third trip to Nicaragua. As you can see by the pictures, Nicaragua is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Not being able to go back this December makes us even more grateful for the memories of 2018.


For the first time ever, Camp Swamp took a Swamp Corps team to Cambodia. This is the first Asian country to have a Swamp Corps team visit, and the Swamp plans on going again next Summer.

  • SUMMER CAMP 2018

We had an incredible summer 2018! The theme was image, and it taught us how to seek the true image of God. The lessons and devotionals were amazing, and there was so much fun had by all ages. I think we all learned how to embrace our true image more from this summer.


In-between weeks of camp, disciples used Camp Swamp to offer a week-long drama camp to help kids grow their talents in a safe, spiritual environment. As you can tell by the smiles, it was so much fun. Definitely a great first from this year.


After many years of trying to start a Swamp Corps trip to Kenya, God opened the door and a team went to Kenya for the first time. It is also one of the trips the Swamp will be going on again in 2019!


*Of course these trips and retreats were no less honorable, but there weren't enough pictures to make collages for everything.

In addition to the three international trips listed, smaller Swamp Corps teams were sent to the Middle East, St. Vincent, and Mozambique. Two of these teams were the products of camp plantings in other countries, which have grown and are now going on their own Swamp Corps trips. The Brazilian camp directors led the team to Mozambique, and the Barbados camp directors led the team to St. Vincent.  

International camps starting other international camps...If that is not Swamp history right there!

There were also some very memorable retreats at the Swamp this year. There was the annual Teen Retreat, Middle School Retreat, Mother Son Retreat, Father Son Retreat, and Mother Daughter Retreat. These retreats seem to grow stronger and get better every year and are so important to helping families bond and kids grow up with a strong foundation.


Thank you all so much for reading this week and this year. Camp Swamp is excited for the things to come in 2019, and grateful for all that God has blessed us with in 2018...

See you all next year!!!!

Much Love & Respect,


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