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2018 Middle School Retreat

2018 Middle School Retreat

Hi Swamp bloggers,

Welcome back! I hope you're having a great day today. About two weeks ago was the annual Middle School Retreat held at Camp Swamp. This retreat actually didn't have an official theme, rather it focused on listening to the Spirit to hear what the lessons should be about.

This week I got to talk to three middle schoolers from the Northview Church of Christ about what they thought of the retreat. Together, their three words to describe the retreat were: fun, eye-opening, and inspiring. Keep reading to read what these middle schoolers had to say about the retreat.

David, age 12

David said his favorite part of the retreat was the campfire Friday and Saturday night. He learned from the retreat that you need to be tuned in to hear when God is talking to you. David was able to make some new friends, such as Jordan and Xavier, and strengthen a current friendship with his friend Alex Hall.

Middle Schoolers roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Maya, age 14

Maya said her favorite part of the retreat was the Starlight Devotional, because it gave everyone at camp a chance to calm down at the end of the day and be together and hear Mr. Jeff's words. She also loved being with everyone the whole weekend. One thing she learned at the retreat is that you don't have to know everything about God to believe in Him, but you can know enough.

Middle schoolers spending time together in the Dining Hall.

Seth, age 12

Seth said his favorite part of the retreat was the Middle School service led by the middle schoolers themselves. (He didn't tell me this, but Seth's middle school leader informed me that Seth actually led the sermon!) Seth learned from the retreat that kids and adults both have impacts on each other and they inspire each other to do better. Seth said he got to strengthen his relationships with everyone at the retreat.

Middle Schoolers and Mr. Jeff get pumped up during an activity.

Wow, those are some inspiring words from some inspiring middle schoolers. I wish I could have listened to the lessons and sermons at this retreat!

One thing that I liked that was said was that we need to be tuned in to God to hear what He is saying to us, and that both kids and adults have impacts on each other. Those concepts both fit well into two of our camp values: YWHW and diversity. At camp we are seeking to listen to the Spirit of God, Yahweh, and to learn from each other's differences, including age differences.

Let's all be inspired this week by the words of these young people and seek to be tuned into God's Spirit like the middle schoolers were at their retreat.

Until next week friends,

Much Love & Respect,


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